Ok, here's our under $30 list. Great as stocking stuffers, white elephant, Secret Santa, etc...

Gifts can get expensive (just checkout our last list). Sometimes you just want to give something awesome but not break the bank. Well, we found a couple items that fit that bill.

Peruse, fall in love, buy.

Beep boop,

Robots at Giant Robot Media.

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Baron Fig Confidant

Yes, everything can be done digitally now, but that’s what makes a good notebook feel like such a luxe gift today. Between charcoal and light gray, there’s two chic choices to help someone jot down their thoughts and organize their day.

PRICE: $18

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Muji Aluminum Fountain Pen

Nothing signals adult like a fancy writing contraption. With its sleek, silver case, this aluminum pen from Muji looks deceptively expensive – though it’s affordable enough for your everyday doodling and list-making needs.

PRICE: $17

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Tortoise Shop Tenugui

These Japanese towels can be used as almost anything – table napkins, dish towels, gift wrap, or even headbands! Choose from a variety of colorful prints to brighten anyone’s daily life. 

PRICE: $14


Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ DIY Gummy Candy Making Kit

Turn quality time into candy making time with these easy gummy kits. Using an assortment of shapes and colors, channel your inner Willy Wonka to perfect a zany new sweet!

PRICE: $13


Bananaya Vinyl Collectible Figure

Need something fun, weird, and kawaii for that friend who adores little novelties? Bananaya is here for you! So loveable, they’ll want to collect all four kitties that dwell in bananas (of varying stages of ripeness).

PRICE: $12


Pure Apple & Honey Gummies

These beloved sweet-and-sour gummies can be found in every convenience store across Japan. They’re the perfect snack to keep in purses, cars, or just to eat all at once! Now available in another seasonal fall flavor, Apple & Honey, that will disappear all too soon.



Machi Koro Bright Lights Big City Card Game

Here’s a cute alternative to Settlers of Catan for those young board game lovers you know! Compete to build a city’s landmarks as quickly as possible; enjoy the quirky institutions that come with the game, including sushi bar,  pizza joint, and mackerel boat.

PRICE: $15


Giant Robot Boba Bros Enamel Pin

Declare your love for boba and your bros with this sweet pin. Buy one, or even a pair, to fasten on tote bags, jackets, or backpacks for a cute statement.



Legend of Zelda Ocarina

Bring the Zelda games to life with your very own ocarina! Learning to play the vessel flute won’t help you solve puzzles, enter temples, or travel back in time, but it will summon the nostalgia of all those adventures you’ve been on with Link.    

PRICE: $17


Balconi Pro Dripper

One of our favorite local coffee shops just across the street from Giant Robot is Balconi Coffee. There you will find beautifully crafted coffees, from espresso to siphon. However, if you choose to brew some coffee at home, try out their Pro Dripper. It's an easy way to brew yourself a hot cup of coffee.

PRICE: $19


Ethiopia Kochere Lot 2 from Take Flight

Roasted in Los Angeles, Take Flight is taking a new approach to coffee by introducing Australian, Nordic, and American roasting techniques. This particular batch boasts notes of cranberry, lime and currant while not being too acidic. This coffee is also not too dark, which creates a pelasant experience for non-coffee drinkers as well.

PRICE: $25



Theaters have rallied against streaming sites with this perfect movie pass for the cinephile in your life. For less than ten dollars a month, it’s now possible to watch an unlimited numbers of films in theaters! We keep trying to figure out how they make money off this deal, and we have no idea. We just keep going to the movies. 

PRICE: $30